• Cover:Shyanne | Chapter One – EP
    Co-produced by Jamey Perrenot and Robby Wilson. Modern pop/rock. Jamey handles Guitars, programming, engineering.
    • 1World Go Round
    • 2Windows Down
    • 3Like You Want
    • 4Punch
    • 5Laugh It Off
  • Cover:Guardian | Almost Home
    Producer, writer, guitarist, engineer. Album debuted at #7 iTunes Rock chart.
    • 1Boom She Said
    • 2The Real Me
    • 3Little Things
    • 4Wonderful
    • 5California Rain
    • 6Show Us What You Got (Interlude)
    • 7King of Fools
    • 8The Calling (Interlude)
    • 9Paranoia Kills
    • 10Price We Pay
    • 11Free
    • 12Requiem Calavera (Interlude)
    • 13Almost Home
  • Cover:The Lost Days of Summer | Like You & Me (Single)
    Produced by Jamey Perrenot. Written and performed by Jamey Perrenot and Jamie Rowe.
    • 1Like You & Me
  • Cover:Fred Shafer | Resistor
    Produced with Jamey Perrenot (Taylor Swift, LeAnn Rimes, Paul Brant), “Resistor” features standout tracks, “Letting You Go”, “Why You’re Gone” and “Into The Ground”.
    • 1Letting You Go
    • 2Wish You Were Here
    • 3Why Your Gone
    • 4Stand Up
    • 5Breakaway
    • 6Hello
    • 7Traffic
    • 8Going Blind
    • 9Into The Ground
    • 10Mama Said
    • 11Gone
    • 12Holdin' On
  • Cover:Jason Meadows | You Ain’t Never Been to Texas
    “Nashville Star” contestant, Jason Meadows, sought out Jamey Perrenot for production and engineering on this release. Jamey also made various instrument contributions showing his diversity as a musician.
  • Cover:Katie Kerkhover | Blister
    Jamey played guitar on this recording.
  • Cover:Autumn McEntire | Seven Seasons
    Information on this release will be available soon.
  • Cover:LeAnn Rimes | Greatest Hits
    Jamey Perrenot is featured as the guitarist on the DVD included with this album. A performance of ‘Can’t Fight The Moonlight’ (written by songwriting legend, Diane Warren) is taken from VH1’s “Music in High Places” series.
  • Cover:Vanessa Williams | Sweetest Days
    Jamey Perrenot was an assistant engineer on this album.